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Daniel J. Feaster, Ph.D

Contact Information

Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Biostatistics
(305) 243-7881 (office)
(305) 243-5544 (fax)
Clinical Research Building, Room 1055
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Research Interests

Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials and Effectiveness Research, Multilevel modeling, Structural Equations Modeling, Family-based health-related interventions, Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, and minority health disparities.

Recent Publications

Feaster, D. J., Brincks, A. M., Mitrani, V. B., Prado, G., Schwartz, S. J. & Szapocznik, J. (in press). The efficacy of structural ecosystems therapy for HIV medication adherence with African American women. Journal of Family Psychology.

Brigham, G., Feaster, D. J., Wakim, P., & Dempsey, C. (in press). Choosing a Control Group in Multisite Clinical Trials of Behavioral Drug Abuse Treatments. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

Mitrani, V.B., Weiss-Laxer, N.S., Feaster, D.J. (in press). Factors related to loss of child custody in HIV+ women in drug abuse recovery. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Burlew, A. K., Feaster, D. J., Brecht, M., & Hubbard, R.(2009). Measurement and data analysis in research addressing health disparities in substance abuse. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment,36, 25-43.

Burns, M. J., Feaster, D. J., Mitrani, V.B., Ow, C. & Szapocznik, S. (2008). Stress Processes of HIV+ African American Mothers: Moderating Effect of Drug Abuse History. Stress, Anxiety & Coping,21,95-116.

Mitrani, V. B, Feaster, D. J., McCabe, B. E., Czaja, S. J. & Szapocznik, S. (2005). Adapting the Structural Family Systems Rating to assess the patterns of interaction in families of dementia caregivers. The Gerontologist, 45,445-455.

Feaster, D. J., Robbins, M. S., Horigian, V. & Szapocznik, J. (2004). Statistical Issues in Multi-Site Effectiveness Trials: The Case of Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment. Clinical Trials, 1, 428-439.

Feaster, D.J., Newman, F, L. & Rice, C. (2003). Longitudinal analysis when the experimenter does not determine when treatment ends: What is dose response? Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 10, 352-360.

Szapocznik, J., Feaster, D. J., Mitrani, V. B., Prado, G., Smith, L., Robinson-Batista, C., Schwartz, S. J., Mauer, M. H., & Robbins, M.S. (2004). Structural ecosystems therapy for HIV-seropositive African-American women: Effects on psychological distress, family hassles, and family support. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 72, 288-303.

Feaster, DJ, & Szapocznik J. (2002). Interdependence of stress processes among African American family members: Influence of HIV serostatus and a new infant. Psychology and Health, 17, 339-363.